Lamusa Agroindustrial is a company from the Solà group, family-owned and deeply attached to Spanish field. Its origins must be found at the beginning of the 20th century, in the province of Huesca. Since its beginnings, Mr. Labad and Mr. Mur bet for innovation and development to get positioned as one of the first manufacturers of agricultural tools in Spain, most of them animal draught.

Labad Mur, S.A., LAMUSA, is reference in the mechanization in Spain, a proof of its dynamism and innovation is the existence of many patents, some of them dated back from the 50’s.

In the 80’s LAMUSA becomes property of Vicente Canales, entrepreneur businessman from Monzón who modernises and revitalises the brand. Vicente Canales, in collaboration with the first manufacturer of seed drills in Spain, Maquinaria Agrícola Solà, S.L., starts a new stage of manufacturing and commercialization which, in few time, positions the company as one of the leading seeding brands in Spain.

In 89/90 the firm achieves an international tender in Algeria for the supply of 850 seed drills, helping a lot to situate it as one of the main seed drill manufacturers.

A few years later, in 1996, Maquinaria Agrícola Solà, S.L. acquires the brand LAMUSA and the know-how associated to it. Today, LAMUSA is a well-known prestigious brand which operates in international markets as a guarantee of sturdiness and reliability.